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Past Updates
2 August, 2011
I know, I've been lax again. I'm working on a bunch of Digimon-related stuff at once, and it never seems to be finished. Must prioritize. For today, there is an update. I've added the song titles to the bios for T.K., Kari, Patamon, & Gatomon. Soon I'll have a list of all Digimon Songs. Starting a new fanfic with an OC, too. New Quote of the Month!

1 June, 2011
All right, an update, and a BIG one! Aside from the new Quote of the Month, I'm pleased to announce the opening of "Digimon In-Depth", the site I've been working on for the past few months. The link is located above, below the Quote of the Month. I'm super excited to debut it and I hope everyone enjoys it. Now, to make some Digimon videos...

12 March, 2011
I'm sure everyone has heard by now of the huge earthquake that hit Japan. In memory of the survivors and the victims, I made a banner, which can be viewed lower down on this page. (Note: Chi-chan is me, Patamon_Princess. ^^). I came up with the quote and the design, though it's simple, I feel it says it all. You're welcome to use it on your sites or in forum signatures, I only ask that you don't direct link to the image, but save on it your hardrive. Credit is fine, but not mandatory.

12 February, 2011
Not only have I finished adding Analyzer pics to all four Digimon seasons in the Quote Collection, I've added several new Analyzer intros to each season, and finished the Frontier episode summaries/recaps. Finally, I've fixed the link to "A Million Points of Light" transcript.

4 February, 2011
I'm now adding Analyzer pics to the Quote Collection Digimon Analyzer pages. Adventure is finished, and the other three seasons are in progress. And the Quote of the Month for February.

6 January, 2011
The Digimon Quote Collection is going to be getting lots of updates this month. Go there now to check out what's new at the moment. Lots more coming soon.

2 January, 2011
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ^^ While only the Quote of the Month is new, I'm working dilligently on a bunch of stuff at once: Quotes, Trivia, Mistakes, and tons more! I hope to start putting them up soon.

8 December, 2010
Finally, the Digimon First Appearances chart is up. I had to go through the entire list because it was outdated compared to my "master copy" in a notebook. And to go along with it, digimon First Appearances in Games is up too! It got its own chart because there was simply too much info). Not every game is represented, though.

30 November, 2010
How about that? The Quote of the Month is a day early. (Don't get your hopes up. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I decided to put it up today.) Also... the SongFics are back! I've (finally) got around to reposting them (since they used to be on Geocities) and there's a new one: "Summer of '98" sing by Tai! Two new fanfics are also up on my FanFiction.Net account, one of them is Slayers and the other is a MimixJoe one. I'll try and get another update in before the holidays!

17 November, 2010
The PataGato Page is up and running. I'll update it soon. And I've moved all PataGato & their digivolutions pics over to the PataGato Gallery.

15 November, 2010
Just popped in to explain why there's no new Quote of the Month. About Mid-October my computer crashed and I've only recently gotten it back up. (After recovering the hard drive and purchasing a new WinXP program, since the tower's from 2002 and can't handle Win7.) Now that I'm back in business, I can start on the updates I've been planning. Yippee!

2 October, 2010
Two new fanfics by me added to my FanFiction.net account. "Anime Takes A Vacation" and "Little Pink Riding Hood".

8 September, 2010
New videos added and the Links page has been cleaned up. All broken links have been deleted and I have an affiliate! Yay!

1 September, 2010
I've added three new general music videos, though both "Let Anime Rock"'s have Digimon in them. I'm thinking about re-writing one of my favorite fics "Love Conquers All" from transcript mode into story mode and post it on Fanfiction.net. I have pictures waiting to go up soon, and I know I need to finish the PataGato Page and the Digi First Appearances.

11 August, 2010
I've finished "Hikari no Tsubasa" and it's now complete up on FanFiction.net. And I've posted another one "Digimon Treasure Island", so please enjoy them. I've also uploaded the videos that YouTube blocked up to Yahoo!Video and added three new non-Digimon ones.

29 July, 2010
An update, an update!! A real Takari update!! So, I wrote this crossover fanfic a few years ago, but never got around to typing it up to post it. I recently found all my mini-notebooks where I wrote all my stories and decided to finally type this one up. Only change it into actual novel form instead of script form. And so, I present... Hikari no Tsubasa!! Hosted on Fanfiction.net, the link is under the FanFics page. The first four chapters are up and I'm adding a new one every day or two. Check it out!! And, the quote of the month for August is up.

18 July, 2010
So, it took longer to sort of get back into the groove of things. My apologies. I have put the links up in My Videos to ten new videos I have made over the last year. Please enjoy.

17 JUNE, 2010
Sorry there's no Quote of the Month and no new updates. I've been busy getting ready for a trip I'm taking. Everything will resume normally in July. ^^

2 MAY, 2010
In honor of Takari's Castle ten-year anniversary, here's a brand-new layout! I'm really happy with this. Pages are currently being worked on and updated, especially the link page and Changes page. Here's to ten years and hopefully ten more!! New Quote of the Month... Takari of course!

30 March, 2010
It would probably help if I didn't put "2009" on my recent 2010 updates. Anyway, I've added five new videos to the page AND... Takari's Castle is ten years old! I can't believe it, but I was thinking about it recently, and I started this site in 2000. So, for its anniversary, I'm coming up with a new layout, new banner, more pics, and hopefully more information! YAY!!!

16 January, 2010
Found the notebook with a bunch of Digimon info I had written in it! The "Digi-Cameos" page and the "Digi-Trivia" page are now up and functioning! Yippee!! I've also edited my profile. Bring it up to the present.

14 January, 2010
Okay, getting back into the Digimon-swing of things! I've updated the "Name Changes" page! No longer is it under construction. I was going to do the others, but I can't find my files on my computer. I wonder if I even typed them up... So, I'm going to try to look for the pages I wrote on and get the next update up soon!

1 January, 2010
Happy New Year, everyone! Things are getting ready for their updates soon! Please enjoy the new Quote of the Month!

12 December, 2009
Why the long silence all November? I was working hard on my NaNo Writing for the contest they had. 50,000 words in 30 days... I'm beat. Now I get to start re-writes! So, nothing new for Digimon yet, but I have posted the links in the "Videos" section to five new videos I've made for Kingdom Hearts. And, in keeping with the theme, the Quote of the Month is from Kingdom Hearts as well! Now, to get back to the Digimon aspect...

17 October, 2009
The Digimon Quote Collection is now up and better than ever! (At least in my opinion. ^_^) And every section has been updated with new ones added, and it's still being updated! Check it out!

27 September, 2009
Another long pause between updates... Sorry. -_- My classes are taking up most of my time and I'm so tired when I get home. I still have a lot of stuff to type up. So, I hope to get to it soon, and then update. But, there is a new Quote of the month for October!

6 July, 2009
Now, how long have I been promising a new Quote of the Month? I now strive to add a new one every month. That's my goal. But that's not all that's new. The Digi-Data page is up, complete. Yay! And I've added the link to two new non-Digimon videos I made recently. Working now on getting the other pages ready to go.

16 May, 2009
Another new video! My first Takari animated video! I hope everyone enjoys it!

21 April, 2009
*sniff* I'm sorry about not updating in awhile. But I finally have internet access again and a faster computer, so more updates! (Hopefully!) I'm still working on a lot of stuff for this site. And, right now, I have a new music video. It's called "Patamon Tribute|" and it's all about Patamon! (And some PataGato!) So, I hope you enjoy it!

10 February, 2009
Sorry about the promised new quote of the month... I forgot. But I did not forget to work on the website. New lyrics have been added! For Japanese: Anytime Momentai, Yasashii Ame, Yuuhi no Yakusoku, Brave Heart, Butterfly, Fire!!, Kaze no Shizuku, The Last Element, My Tomorrow, Shining Star, Super Girl, Target ~ Akai Shougeki, With The Will. And for English: Calumon's Song, Digimon Tamers (Opening Theme). I've also moved the transcripts over the Tripod, and included a list of future ones I'll be working on. The links, though, to the Digimon Movie are down, as I want to re-do them. Enjoy, and I'll work on the new quote of the month.

30 December, 2008
An update right before the new year! Yay! I've moved the Lyrics to Tripod and gave them their own page. Just please note that some of the Japanese links don't work yet, as I haven't typed them up. I'm in the process of. Some new lyrics though have been added now. 'Promise' and 'Darkness in My Heart'. There is more coming. It's just that an hour on the library computer isn't that long. And... I'm making a page exclusive for PataGato! Another update soon! Oh, I also put the guestbook back up.

10 October, 2008
I'm back, with an update! The Digi-Cast page has been totally redone and includes more cast and the next four Digimon movies starting with Diaboromon Strikes Back's cast. I'm settling in to my new apartment and currently working on the two charts: First Appearances and Data, as well as more things for the site. So, expect more soon. I'll re-start the Quote of the Month in November.

1 August, 2008
Okay, here's what has been going on. I did put up the Quote of the Month in June, though no other update was attached so I didn't announce it. I've had to take downtime from my sites to pack. I'm moving in less than two weeks and it's a BIG move. I can't say when I'll get internet access at home, but I will. In the meantime, I will be working on typing up everything I have so when I get access, I can do a BIG update. The pages are already up: Takari Gallery #2, My Videos, Name Changes, Name Meanings, Cut/Changes Scenes, Digi-Trivia, Digi-Cameos. Right now only the first two have things in them. The rest I'll be typing up during my no-internet time. (Check out My Videos! I've made a Takari one!) I hope everyone understands and I'll be back as soon as I can. There's NO WAY I'm abandoning my number one site! P.S.- Enjoy the Quote of the Month for August.

11 May, 2008
I'm sorry, the Quote of the Month is late. I've been busy working on my other sites, writing fan fics, working, and a bunch more. I add new things to the For Sale page about every week or two.

6 April, 2008
The Quote of the Month is up. I've been working on my For Sale page, and it's not complete, but you're welcome to check it out here. *hurries off to try and finish it and other projects* NEXT DAY: The for sale is officially up, though there's still more items to add. The link will permanently be displayed below.

28 February, 2008
Very late, but here's the Quote of the Month for February and March. I'm putting the finishing touches on the new gallery, in between doing a bunch of other things. I'm also selling some of my anime things and halloween costumes. The page isn't done yet, but it will be soon and then I'll put a link up.

1 January, 2008
Happy New Year, everyone! My computer's had so many problems with it the last couple months, but it's working now. I'm working on the Digimon Games data info, the new Takari pictures, and the several new fan fics to type and put up. So, all I have for now is the Quote of the Month for January.

9 October, 2007
Hi, everyone! Sorry for the very long silence. I haven't updated in such a long time. Gomen!!! But, I'm back and as you can see a new, yet simple, layout. I'm very happy with it and I hope you are too. Right now I'm working on a lot of things for this site. Here's what's coming soon: A few fanfics, SongFics, Digimon World DS data, Digimon World: Dawn & Dusk data, more Patamon pictures, and lots more Takari pictures (hosted on Photobucket). And more! So, I hope everyone checks back in the next month or two. And, I'm starting the Quotes of the Month again! Enjoy this one from FullMetal Alchemist

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